Advocacy Organization President: Private Practice Is Becoming a Niche

Healthcare Innovation
(February 27, 2024)

A new physician-led national advocacy organization seeks to empower independent medical practices during major consolidation among hospitals and payers. The American Independent Medical Practice Association (AIMPA) aims...

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Private practice could become a niche

Becker's Healthcare
(February 20, 2024)

Private practice is becoming a more difficult option for physicians in today’s economy. As of 2022, just 26% of physicians practice privately, according to a...

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Independent doctors like me are becoming an endangered species

(February 15, 2024)

More than 100,000 doctors have left private practice and become employees of hospitals and other corporate entities since 2019. Today, nearly three in four physicians...

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Dr. David Eagle: CMS Reimbursement Cuts Encourage Trend of Independent Physician Exodus

American Journal of Managed Care
(February 12, 2024)

For independent doctors, 2024 began with a Medicare reimbursement pay cut of 3.4%, as legislation in both the House and Senate seeks to alleviate but not eradicate...

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Introducing AIMPA: Meet the group of independents

Medical Economics
(January 26, 2024)
Paul Berggreen, MD, is the inaugural president and board chair of the new American Independent Medical Practice Association. He introduces the organization focusing on benefits...
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Can private equity firms help independent physician practices keep their independence?

(January 26, 2024)
Private equity-backed management services organizations (MSOs) are helping independent physician practices to remain independent....
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